Hello! I know that you like to discover new sites. There are so many cool clothes now that I want to make orders all the time. Today i will tell you about the new website cute clothing for women Holapick. There is a very large selection on the site, a lot of cool things can be found at a budget price. I've already ordered a few things for myself. I'll tell you about casual women dresses. Let's take a look together:

A very cute, delicate and light dress. I like the white color. It looks especially good in the warm season. I'm going on vacation soon, so I decided to order it for a vacation.
Price - 1206 rub.

Another cute dress in a classic range. It is simple, but the leaf-shaped pattern makes it even more delicate and light. I really liked it!

Price - 1509 rub.

If you like floral print, then you will like this dress. There are many color options on the site. Any color to choose from. I liked gray and blue.

Price - 1417 rub.

Thanks for your attention!